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LoveSmiles toothbrushes are made from MOSO BAMBOO! Or just for laughs and giggles and to sound a little dorky the scientific name is phyllostachys edulis, commonly known as moso bamboo or mao zhu.

This type of bamboo is a fast-growing bamboo. What do we mean by fast? Umm… well it’s like the flash of all grass. Yeah, there isn’t a bamboo that compares when it comes to matching the speed that moso grows. To put it in simple terms, moso bamboo can grow up to 1 meter a day if in great conditions. We’re so impressed by this growth rate and, thus, helping us at LoveSmiles keep the radical deforestation in check.

Moso bamboo is found to have a much higher carbon uptake than previously suggested and therefore play a crucial role in climate change we cannot ignore! If you didn’t know bamboo is actually a type of grass, so moso bamboo is like a tall version of grass but literally can be perceived as forest.

So why are we here at LoveSmiles using moso bamboo in our packaging and in our kits? Well, because we are like the Hercules of the teeth whitening industry saving this planet from the underworld (literally just tried to make you laugh out loud, might have failed but oh well). We aim to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing and trying to eliminate the amount of plastic used in the teeth whitening industry. So, in numerous ways, we are trying to get it through your head that you can save the environment and whiten your teeth at the same time. Therefore, just consider us an awesome company which loves the environment and you, yes, you the everyday smile lover. By wanting to know exactly what’s in every product that you use and the added benefits. For that … all we can say at LoveSmiles is thank you for taking time to read this blog!

LoveSmiles intends to always promote the carbon exchange in our hemisphere and ultimately moving forward in our battle against climate change.

Upon receiving your product, you will find little symbols engraved on your toothbrushes which stand for our promise to continuously link sustainability to our values. And not only that we also thought really hard and came up with the solution to identify your toothbrushes if you are in a relationship. And if you are single like a pringle well you just get the entire kit for yourself.

Please keep in mind it is just small conscious decisions we make every day that not only positively affects our health and wellbeing but also positively affects the environment and every living creature on our wonderful planet.

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