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Yo Kanye, Imma Let You Finish, But Drake Has The Best Teeth Of All Time

Drake shared the details of his teeth whitening routine and we are taking notes.

Take one look at Drake’s Instagram account and you’ll see multiple shots of the rapper flashing his dashing smile. Sure, he does like to act tough from time to time—gotta protect ya rep—but for the most part, Drake is a smiley guy.

And why wouldn’t he show off his pearly whites? The guy has a great smile!

Recently, Drake revealed the details of his teeth whitening routine on Instagram. It all started when one of Drake’s followers commented on one of his posts, saying: “Lmao all that money and ur teeth don’t look clean.” Just over an hour later, the rapper responded: “I have a pink diamond in my tooth… I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies.”

Obviously, Drake’s teeth whitening routine is working for him.
So what is this charcoal that Drake is brushing with? Most likely, an activated charcoal powder, similar to LoveSmiles Teeth Whitening Kit ($64.95 at

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Meet the Gold Coast company helping sick animals AND your smile

A local Gold Coast company is doing wonders for the environment and the animals that live in it with a portion of sales from their sustainable teeth whitening business going towards helping sick koalas.

LoveSmiles, a company creating cruelty-free, toxic and peroxide free teeth whitening kits made from biodegradable products, is on a mission to not only brighten smiles in the safest way possible, but to also help injured Australian wildlife while doing so!

The founder of the business, 25-year-old Urissa Chinia, says she started LoveSmiles after learning more than 30 million toothbrushes end up in Australian Landfill each year.

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Huffington Post

How To Get Your Great Idea Rolling Into A Real Business

Here’s some tips from Aussie start-up success stories.

We all have at least one friend that spends a lot of time talking about their ‘great idea’ but, after stalling for a year or longer, is left with regret they didn’t make a move sooner because a similar business started before they ever got around to it.

Taking those first crucial steps isn’t easy and many fall into the trap of thinking you need everything in place to get the ball rolling.

But there are several Aussie start-ups that began with nothing more than an idea, as well as a founder that was willing to take the crucial first steps.

Urissa Chinia from LoveSmiles had the idea to develop a teeth whitening kit made from activated coconut shell and including a natural biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

“My plan was for my business to not only help reduce your plastic footprint, but also contribute to more gum trees in Australia and supporting our efforts to support injured wildlife,” Chinia said.

First, Chinia set about researching the existing market of the teeth whitening industry. Then, she developed a solution to solve an ongoing environmental problem; the impact on the environment of plastic toothbrushes.

“I developed a proper business plan which outlined all of my thoughts. Then I had professional advice in areas that I wasn’t knowledgeable about. I had products tested and certified to meet all regulations and standards,” Chinia said.

“Then I let people test products and provide informative reviews. I’m learning how to improve and taking constructive feedback with an open heart! I’ve also had to decide which organisation to support and align with that matched my core values. It’s also about creating new ideas and content to get my message out to the public.”

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Charcoal Teeth Whitening Company Helping to Feed Animals at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Fancy brushing your teeth and making a difference, at the SAME time? Now you can.

It all began when 25-year-old Gold Coaster, Urissa Chinia, learnt that more than 30 million toothbrushes end up in landfill each year, including DIY kits that contain harmful ingredients. So she set out to make a difference.

One year later, LoveSmiles was born: Australia’s first vegan, non-toxic and peroxide free, DIY home-teeth whitening kit made from biodegradable products.

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Urissa Chinia: Love Smiles

Urissa Chinia is behind the start-up LoveSmiles; the world’s first teeth whitening kit that links sustainability to health and well being. It’s made out of 100 percent activated coconut shell and includes a natural biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

“When you purchase from us, you’re not only reducing your plastic footprint, you’re contributing to more gum trees in Australia and supporting our efforts to support injured wildlife,” Urissa said.

Urissa made it her mission to develop a teeth whitening product that reflected her values and morals.

“The reason LoveSmiles was founded was because I wanted to develop something that was good for our health that would positively impact the environment.  LoveSmiles is for the health conscious citizens of the world who are concerned about the environment. If your life hits rock bottom the only thing you can do is control your ability to smile and be happy. All I wanted was a brighter smile because that was one thing I could control. But being told by medical professionals to be aware of inadequate teeth whitening kits, pushed me to find an alternative natural solution.”

“LoveSmiles kits proudly uses natural activated carbon charcoal – which is made from 100 percent coconut shell. Along with our environmentally friendly MOSO bamboo infused charcoal iron toothbrush. And no, our bamboo isn’t aiding deforestation nor is it affecting our cuddly panda bears because they don’t eat MOSO bamboo. MOSO bamboo is actually a type of grass which grows rapidly,” Urissa said.

So a lot of thought love and care has been put into constructing LoveSmiles.  We aren’t about making money instead direct proceeds from our kits goes to planting gum tress in Australia and support injured wild life.

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Gold Coast Bulletin

LoveSmile’s Urissa Chinia launches teeth-whitening product to create guilt-free smiles

A former schoolteacher is aiming to brush aside the competition with her natural teeth-whitening solution.

Twenty-five-year-old Urissa Chinia is the CEO and founder of Gold Coast start-up LoveSmiles, a supplier of chemical-free teeth-whitening kits.

Ms Chinia said her motivation was twofold: a product that was easy on the gums while being kind to the environment.

“Because I have sensitive gums I couldn’t use any other teeth whitening kits which are sold on the market,” she said.

“That pushed me to find an alternative solution. At the same time, I want to help the environment, and I made it my mission to develop a teeth whitening product that reflected my values.”

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Eco Beauty Editor

Brightening Smiles While Giving Back: LOVESMILES

There’s a new kid on the teeth whitening block, but the company mission isn’t just about making people smiles brighter.

Twenty-five-year old former school teacher, Urissa Chinia, has created Australia’s first vegan, non-toxic and peroxide free, DIY at-home, completely biodegradable teeth whitening kit. LoveSmiles contains 100 percent coconut shell charcoal powder and a sustainable bamboo toothbrush. Yet, it’s her mission to save the environment, one toothbrush at a time, that is really driving the beauty entrepreneur, who donates a portion of the kit’s sales to help pay for planting of native eucalyptus trees and to feed the injured animals at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

“Thirty million toothbrushes end up in Australian landfill each year,” Urissa says. “When I learned this statistic, I set about creating a solution for avoidable waste and soon after, LoveSmiles was born.”

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Australasian Dentist

New Products from LoveSmiles

LoveSmiles, a new Australian Dental Industrial Association (ADIA) member, has developed a non-abrasive natural charcoal teeth whitening and stain remover solution for all of your patients.

The LoveSmiles product is unlike any other charcoal kit on the market. LoveSmiles is the world’s first natural whitening product that has been tested and certified for efficiency and safety. Australian dentists are seeing the amazing results for themselves and are choosing to stock, sell and recommend LoveSmiles to their patients.

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LoveSmiles Is Unlike Any Other Teeth Whitening Product

LoveSmiles products are the perfect all-natural take-home stain remover and natural whitening solution in the market. As the world’s first and only tested and certified dental charcoal stain remover and whitening product, you are guaranteed to be offering your clients a safe and effective stain remover that will maintain their whitening procedure after a regular checkup or in-chair whitening sessions.

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